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These patterns were designed to fit Expressions Jane Body. These bodies were designed with longer arms and legs but use the same head and shoulder plate as shorter dolls .

You can create "sisters" using a 24" doll and the same head and shoulder plate with a 28" Jane body.  This makes a set of dolls that look about 3 years apart in age.  if you are ordering this pattern to use for a different body, you need to understand the following:

28" Jane body uses a 24" head and shoulder plate.

     22" Jane body uses an 18" head and shoulder plate.

  17" Jane body uses a 14" head and shoulder plate.

If for example you think you would like to order a 17" Amber coat for your 18" doll, you will have a hard time because the neck and shoulders are sized for a 14" doll.  If you want to put the Amber coat on an 18" doll, order the 22" amber coat and shorten the sleeves and coat length.  All Jane body sized patterns are marked in red on this website.