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NFIP003 - $12.50




There are three yoke patterns included in this pattern.

Yoke 1 fits Sugar Britches.

Yoke 2 fits Dianna Effner Mix and Match Babies.

Yoke 3 is a larger yoke intended for old composition baby dolls.

If you are not sure which yoke to use for your doll, cut the yoke patterns out of paper toweling. Pin the shoulder seams then try each yoke on your doll. The neck opening should come up ¼" from the base of the neck. This is the seam allowance. The shoulder should extend ¼" past the shoulder. Again, this is the seam allowance. The yoke will be sewn to the dress front to complete the armhole, so you will not be able to pin the under arm seam.

This pattern includes:  Bonnet and Dress.