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Anyone who wants to dress her doll should use a Nedra’s pattern. No one makes a pattern easier to follow with step-by-step fully illustrated directions!

     Pauline, Denver Co .


I have sewn professionally for 23 years, and find these instructions explicit and easy to follow. The illustrations leave no room for doubt.

    Sam’s Costume Design

    Glenwood UT.


Finally, a pattern even I can follow!

    Robin, Atlanta Ga.


Your designs are gorgeous. I also appreciate the suggestions for color schemes; materials source info and the exacting instructions. Thank you so much.

  Alana, Forrest Hills NY


Keep up the good work. The way you explain things, your patterns go together like they are supposed to. I love how you indicate the cutting chart on the front saying how many of each you will need.

    Bonnie, Denver Co .